Rindal Chiropractic Clinic, P.S.

Conditions We See at This Clinic

We can help patients with a miraid of health problems if they have any of these sources that are the cause of their problem.

1. Spinal subluxations causing: nerve root or spinal cord disturbances with a great variety of symptoms and bodily malfunctions, muscle weaknesses, the spinal joints to hurt, function poorly or degenerate.

2. Extremity subluxations causing: nerve disturbances, limb weaknesses, painful joints, poor function and degenerative arthritis.

3. Jaw subluxations (TMJ sydrome) causing: headaches, shooting pains in the jaw joint(s), poor bite alignment, fial pain, dizziness, nerve disturbances, poor joint function, popping sounds, irratitic movements and arthritic degeneration of the joint(s). There is a cartilage pad in the TMJ to protect it that can wear into a wedge shape and with time can wear it completely out. The degeneration can progressively cause very severe symptoms. The cartilage pad is similar to those in the knee joints and the joint where the colar bones meet the top of the sturnam (breastbone).

4. Cranial joint misalignments causing brain function disturbances and muscular weakness.

5. Nutritional deficiencies.

6. Emotional symptoms from reactive memory imprinting of the brain causing behavior problems and addictions.

7. Individual foot bone misalignments and foot and ankle sprains and strains often respond very fast to adjustments. Other patients may need custom made Foot Orthotics to solve a chronic problem. The individualized foot anatomy, the exact bones that are misaligned and in what abnormal position then needs to be determined. We have been having these orthotics made for our patients since the begining of this practice. There are many options of materials and types to fit a patient's needs now. Also, the orthotic can be moveable from one shoe to the next or have it built into sandles or flipflops.

We do not treat the Condition or Symptom Itself.

Instead we strive to get your body working better so that you may heal yourself and improve your body's functions. This is done by giving you spinal, extremity joint and/or cranial adjustments to remove interference to the function of your nerve system. All anatomy and physiology textbooks describe how the nerve system is the master control system of all the other organs and systems of the body. It needs to be as free of interferences as possible for to achieve your health potential.

The list below is representative of some of the conditions our patients present:

  • Neck and Back Pain, even if Disabling
  • Pain Radiating Into the Extremities
  • Disc Ruptures and Degeneration
  • Vertigo
  • Prior Spinal Fractures and failed Spinal Surgeries
  • Sports & Extremity Injuries
  • Auto Accident Injuries
  • On The Job Injuries - with Spanish Interpreters available
  • Arthritis
  • Sugar Handling Issues
  • Chronic and Problem Cases
  • Pregnancy and its mechanical issues
  • Birth injuries to the spine
  • TMJ Syndrome
  • Corrective & Maintenance Care for Newborns through the Elderly, even over 100 years old

♦  Specific Nutritional Programs: 

Many of our patients today suffer from multiple nutritional deficiencies due to: poor dietary habits and/or eating foods that are grown on depleted soil, are not ripe, fresh, are genetically modified, cooked and over-cooked, heavily processed or preserved with chemicals. It is very, very easy in today's world for someone to be over fed and under nurished.

A myriad of body system malfunctions and failures can result from this. Your body is ultimately  made out of, runs on, heals and repairs by using the chemicals and tissues your body makes out of the food we eat. A good diet is important. But it is not just about what you do eat but, what you don't eat and should. It is said that, "You are what you eat." However, more that this, YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT, DIGEST, ABSORB AND METABOLIZE!  It is a very long and complex process from swallowing food to making energy, new tissues, new blood, new hormones, etc. and ultimately everything in your body. This is controlled by your nerve system. Most people don't know much about food beyond how it tastes. That's unfortunant, but OK if you recognize now that it is important. There is help for you here in this clinic.

Dr. Tracy Rindal can help by doing a nutritional exam of your body, go through some detailed questionairres you complete and take a look at your diet. From this she will come up with a plan to gradually reverse your dietary habits, prescribe specific supplements so that the conditions the nutritional deficiences are causing can repair and heal over time. Remember that no drug is designed to heal or repair your body, only to treat the symptoms you have. And all drugs are toxic to the body and require your body to use up many nutrients to detoxify it and energy to expel it. A combination of nutritional deficiencies and the drugs is a prescription for disaster as the body will have diminished nutritional resources from which to make the chemicals to detoxify the drugs. Then the drugs can cause more adverse affects.

♦  Epilepsy and Seizure Disorders and Chiropractic Care: 

There certainly is a long history of chiropractic adjustments helping and even completely eliminating seizures. This is possible with either the Petit Mal or the Grand Mal type.  It has been published since the early days of chiropractic that twists and kinks of the upper cervical spine, when properly adjusted may put an end to a person's seizure disorder. This may happen quite quickly with some patients.

I remember one young toddler brought to my clinic one evening while in a seizure.  Her father brought her in a rush and they lived less than ten blocks away. A quick history of what happened revealed that not that long before on that day she had her first ever seizure after she had a fall. She was holding her plastic formula bottle in her mouth while running in their house, tripped and fell forward. The bottle hit the floor hard, knocking her head backwards. 

As her father held her I quickly felt her neck for any misalignments. She had a severe rotation backwards of the top vertebra in her neck, the Atlas, upon the second vertebra. All the other vertebrae in her neck appeared to be quite well aligned. Especially compared to the severe misalignment that stood out so badly. This twisted vertebra could affect the brainstem/upper spinal cord area and the backwards twist on the right side correlated with with a blow from the front to the back. I quickly gave a specific adjustment to that subluxated Atlas and immediately she went limp and the blue lips and rolled back eyes corrected themselves. Her father brought her home, put her to bed and she got some much needed rest. She never had another seizure after that first one and that was in 1988.

On the other end of the spectrum I remember a patient in his 20's who was having over 20 Petit Mal seizures a day for many years even though he was taking both Phenobarbital and Dilantin (now Phenytoin) regularly. A thorough spinal examination and x-ray analysis revealed a subluxation of the top joint of his neck. This was corrected by specifically adjusting his skull onto his Atlas in a precise direction. This only took a few adjustments and the results were dramatic.

These are just two examples, representing the acute and very chronic in terms of length of time of the affliction. Others are in between and different in many ways. Not all patients respond as fast as these two examples did. This is because of many factors inherent in the type of chronic subluxation the patient may have and the difficulty of making changes to it. In fact there certainly have been patients that did not respond to spinal correction as there may be other causes producing the seizures besides an upper cervical problem. However,since it is possible to get help for, or even correction of, seizure disorders with specific spinal adjustments this avenue of help should always be explored. SMR

Patients that have advanced conditions, including prior neck and back injuries, most often find care at the Rindal Clinic helpful. Give us a call at (360) 424-1066 today to see how we can help you.

 Please Note that Nothing Stated Here is to Imply a Cure in Your Case.